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Acmore offers a wide range of natural stone with sandstone, limestone, fieldstone, granite to instruct magnificent Stone walls in Ireland. For ages, natural stone has been a prominent and versatile building material unmatched in magnificence or variety. Natural stone puts in a rich ambiance to any setting in enriching any quality development or project. Stone walls are increasingly becoming prominent due to their durability and distinctive aesthetics.

The stone wall in the garden adds to its beauty and looks much better than concrete. The Irish terrain is earmarked by the traditional dry stone wall. The natural magnificence and utility of these dry stones make the ideal dividing line in any Irish garden.

While building dry stone walls, we specifically select and place irregularly shaped stones. Then we position them accordingly so that they fit closely together without slipping. Normally, these stone walls are broader at the base and taper in with an increase in height. The weight of the stone shoves inwards to support the wall, and any settling or disruption locks the structure together and makes it even more robust.

Acmore offers a comprehensive range of stone wall planning, building, and installation services that will add a “wow” element to your garden or outdoor space. Our master craftsman plans and builds the stone walls adding a rustic, homely, and amusing feel.

We build garden stone walls harmonized to any given space, whether it is big or small. Using locallyor brought from other locations

Limestone, Granite, or Sandstone these garden stone walls are built. We provide magnificence and elegance to your outdoor space. Our stone wall installation services augment more security, privacy, and value to your property.

We offer elevated quality stone wall cladding services in Ireland. Stonewall cladding adds beauty and magnificence to a property. Add the feel of natural stone to your garden walls with our stone wall cladding services.

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