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“Acmore Construction will build a stone house that will last a lifetime and beyond”

A stone house not only look attractive but covering a house in stone will also add value to your home. Whether the entire house facade is covered in stone or just a small portion such as chimney, it will have an impact. A stone front on a house is very practical as it weathers well, it is maintenance free and will last a lifetime and beyond! That is why it is so important to choose the correct stone for your build. Acmore Construction can advise you on every aspect of this. Or take a look at our Choice of Stone page for inspiration.

If you are planning a new build with stone, Acmore Construction can be involved from an early stage. We can liaise with architects and stone suppliers to ensure you achieve your dream home. Often a stone front is added at new build stage, however a stone facade can always be added to an existing exterior to give your house a new lease of life. Stone cladding is very popular as it instantly transforms the exterior of your home and gives the appearance of your house being older and character filled.

Or perhaps you wish to build a stone extension, stone garage or stone outhouse? Such features will add character to your property. Stone blends in beautifully with most materials and will enhance any existing structure in its proximity. Take a look below at a selection of the stone houses we have completed in the past. Some of these were new builds and others involved the retro fitting of stone to the exterior of the house.

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