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Stone Restoration is a simple and cost-effective way to restore weathered or defective buildings. At ACMORE, we offer a wide range of stone restoration services. We incorporate traditional craftsmanship with advanced technology to provide you with high-quality stone restoration services. Our team has highly skilled and experienced stonemasons. We bring the depth of experience and a broad range of skills with our expert services to our historical and contemporary projects. We deliver exceptional outcomes on time without overrunning your budget.

We have significant experience in the repair and restoration of stone facades. At Acmore, our expert team gauge each repair situation and recommend a suitable solution utilizing the adequate methods and conservation techniques. Our stonemasons complete their tasks with perfection to meet the various client requirements.

We have years of experience in all aspects of stone restoration. We offer a professional and friendly solution for our clients. Acmore always designs a cost-effective and holistic proposal to meet your requirements. 

We have undertaken several stonework projects using lime mortar. Lime mortar enables water and water vapour movement by drawing out ingressed liquid or vapour from stonework.

Using lime mortar for pointing in general masonry enables you to utilize a material that is both porous and softer as compared to mortars that feature cement. This enables the moisture to evaporate from the joints more effectively decreasing the level of moisture in the fabric of the building. Also, it can reduce the probability of soluble salts appearing on the surface of the stone.

Our stonemasons are specialized in removing existing stone and replacing with new natural stone, cutting out and repointing joints with lime mortar and cleaning of stone work with materials.

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    How do We work?

    At Acmore, we do a thorough survey to assess the need for restoring, cleaning, and repairs before starting any of the Stone Restoration Services. 

    To assess the need for cleaning and before any recommendations, Stone Restoration Services will complete a thorough survey. Then we detail the required material, any pertinent factors which may have been overlooked, and any repairs, re-pointing, or visible damage.

    In addition to this, building history, construction, location and vicinity to other buildings, etc will also be kept into consideration. The kind of soiling /staining and best suitable cleaning method will be listed.